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Where can I use the Merivale Gift Card?
The Merivale Gift Card is accepted at all Merivale restaurants, bars and hotels as well as the The Bottle Shop ivy. Check out the Merivale home page for a full listing of all our venues.

The Merivale Gift Card cannot be accepted for any prepaid events or functions, nor can it be used for Moshtix or other online ticketing transactions.

Does a Gift Card expire?
A Merivale Gift Card expires 12 months from the date of issue. The date of issue appears on the card.

How long will the Merivale Gift Card ordered online take to arrive?
Merivale Gift Cards will be sent via Registered Post, and may take between 3-5 days to arrive. They can only be delivered within Australia, and only to a street address. No deliveries will be made to PO Boxes.

Restaurant patrons may also purchase a gift card at the conclusion of their meal in the same transaction as their restaurant bill.

For what amounts can I purchase a Merivale Gift Card?
Merivale Gift Cards can be loaded with values in increments of $50, with the minimum purchase being $50 and the maximum being $1,000 in each transaction.  There is also a limit of maximum of 20 cards per order.

If you wish to order a Merivale Gift Card with a value in excess of $1,000, or more than 20 cards in one transaction, please email us on [email protected].  We will contact you within the next business day to discuss how we can help you.

How can I pay for a Merivale Gift Card?
Online and mobile payment can be made by American Express, Diners Club, Visa or Mastercard. When purchasing a Merivale Gift Card from the ivy Bottleshop or from one of the participating restaurants, payment may be made by American Express, Diners Club, Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS or cash.
Corporate customers should contact [email protected]. We will contact you within the next business day to discuss how we can help you.

Can I order a Merivale Gift Card if I live internationally?
Yes, you can order a gift card if you live internationally, but you must have it delivered to an Australian address.

Can I add more money onto a Gift Card?
No. The Merivale Gift Card can only be loaded with a value once, at the time of purchase.

Can I get my money refunded?
Merivale Gift Cards are not refundable. You should treat your Gift Card as if it was cash. No change will be given, however the remaining available balance may be applied to future purchases until the Merivale Gift Card expires or the balance reaches $0.

How do I activate my Merivale Gift Card?
Your Merivale Gift Card will be activated automatically when it is issued by Merivale. It is ready to use as soon as you receive it.

Can I buy something that costs more or less than the value on my Merivale Gift Card?
Your Merivale Gift Card can be used repeatedly until the value of the card has been used (or the card has expired). For purchases greater than the remaining card balance, venues will accept supplemental forms of payment.

Can I use more than one Merivale Gift Card in a purchase?
You may use more than one Merivale Gift Card  in one purchase.

Can I exchange my Merivale Gift Card for cash?
No. The Merivale Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash or gaming purposes.

Can I withdraw money from my Merivale Gift Card?
No. The Merivale Gift Card can be used for making purchases only.

Can I redeem Merivale Gift Cards online or for prepaid events?
No, Merivale Gift Cards can only be used within venues and the ivy Bottleshop as listed above.

Can I redeem Merivale Gift Cards for any accommodation charges at Merivale hotels?
Yes, Merivale Gift Cards can be used at our hotels for accommodation charges.

How do I know how much money is left on my Gift Card?
The balance can be checked at any Merivale venue. Please ask one of the staff members to assist.

Where can I find the card number?
Your Merivale Gift Card number is the 10-digit number on the back of the card.

What do I do if I believe there is mistake with my Gift Card balance?
Simply call the Merivale Head Office on 02 9240 3000 or email [email protected], including your card number and details of your query.

Is my information safe when I use the Merivale website to purchase my Merivale Gift Card?
Yes, your information and online credit card transactions are transmitted through a secure connection using Secure Socket Layering (SSL) encryption technology. SSL locks all critical information passed from you to us, such as payment information, in an encrypted envelope, making it almost impossible for this information to be intercepted. You can identify this by looking at the URL - "https" the "s" indicates you are in a secure area employing SSL. Your browser may also give you a pop-up message that you are about to enter or leave a secure area. SSL is the system that is used by all reputable e-commerce sites. In the event of unauthorised use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.

For more information on our Privacy Policy, visit the link below.

Can I check my Gift Card transaction history?
No. It is your responsibility to monitor your balance before paying your bill, and topping up any transactions with supplemental payment options should it be required.

Can I check my Merivale Gift Card balance in-venue?
You can check your balance at any Merivale venue.

What do I do if my Merivale Gift Card is lost, stolen or damaged?
Lost or stolen Merivale Gift Cards will be replaced if a customer can provide an original receipt and card reference number (conditions apply) and the card has not been used. Damaged Gift Cards will be replaced upon presentation of the damaged card. Please email [email protected] with details if you require assistance.

What will I do if my Merivale Gift Card hasn’t arrived within the the specified time following the order?
You can track your delivery using the Australia Post reference provided to you on your order confirmation. Click on this link to go to the Australia Post tracker: . If your delivery is not in the Australia Post system, please email [email protected] and we will investigate on your behalf.

$ Total amount must be between $50 and $1000.

(Max value $1000 per order)

Please note: Multiple card purchases can only be sent to a single postal address.

Please note: Max value per order is $1,000. For orders over $1,000 please contact our Corporate Team on [email protected] or call 02 9240 3000.

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Please note: Orders after 3pm will be processed the next business day.

If you require your gift card immediately, cards are available from The Bottle Shop at 1 Palings Lane, 320 George St, Sydney.