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What is the street address of the venue?

50 King Street, Sydney.

Where are the rooms located within the venue?

Main area + studio room.

Is the room I have booked exclusive for my event?

Yes – as long as you have booked the event space exclusively.

What is the latest time my event can run to?

Mon – Wed 12:00pm - 12:00am
Thu – Sat 12:00pm - 2:00am

Are underage guests able to attend my event?

Yes, they must be accompanied by a parent/s or legal guardian and full details need to be provided to your Event Manager prior to the event. Under age guests will be given a wristband upon entry.

Can we provide a security guard?

No. A Merivale Security guard will be allocated to your event.

Is there natural light in the room?

Yes, there is lots of natural light, except in the studio.

What time can I access the venue?

Access times will be listed on your event proposal. Please liaise with your Event Manager if you require extra time, as additional room hire or security charges may occur. 

What furniture is available in the room?

Benches and stools, couches in the studio.

Is there a smoking area in the event space that I have booked?

Yes, you can smoke outside.

What are the maximum capacities of the rooms?

There is maximum capacity for 120 guest’s cocktail style.

Can I transfer the remaining of my minimum spend to a public space?

No, your agreed minimum spends needs to be used in the event space for the event that you have booked (unless otherwise agreed in your event contract.)

Am I able to reserve an area in a bar?

Yes, please contact our Group Bookings Managers: 02 9254 8088 (Monday – Friday) or email [email protected]

What audio visual equipment is available at the venue?

AV is not generally included in the event space that you have booked. To further discuss your requirements, please liaise with your Event Manager.

May I bring my own AV equipment and if so will I be charged?

You are welcome to supply your own AV.

There is no charge for providing your own equipment however you may be charged additional room hire and/or additional host or security charges depending on the access time that you require.

Do I have to supply my own music?

We have a variety of in house music channels that can be played at your event at no additional charge.

You are welcome to supply your own band or DJ however all entertainment needs prior approval from your Event Manager. For all entertainment, additional charges may apply for AV and equipment.

Do you have an in house florist?

Yes, if you provide your requirements i.e. budget, theme, colors we will be able to accommodate accordingly. Our in house florist will always supply what is currently in season. 

Can I deliver items in advance of an event?

You are welcome to deliver items in advance of your event as long as the delivery date is confirmed prior with your Event Manager.

We recommend that deliveries are made no more than 1 day in advance of your event and ask that everything you send is clearly labeled. 

Can I leave items post event?

Following your event you may leave items in storage overnight in the loading dock. All items need to be collected within 24 hours of your booking. 

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