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Hemmesphere Cocktails

A luxurious environment, expert mixologists and a semi-covered smoker’s terrace make Hemmesphere a great place to have a drink.

Choose from an ever-changing seasonal menu, selected from the richest flavours and colours every season has to offer. Watch as the finest ingredients and spices are blended before your very eyes to create a drop that’s a dram lover’s dream come true. Truly committed spirit sippers will enjoy discovering Hemmesphere’s own vintage dram, aged and blended in house.  

As in life, our cocktails also have a pecking order. Crowd pleasers assembled at the front, true connoisseurs to the rear. And no round of inventive cocktails is complete without a sparkling wine palate cleanser or some delicious finger food. 

Those in a truly Ottoman frame of mind are welcome to partake of our royal punch and there’s also a selection of honest-to-goodness decanted cocktails in exotic glass containers –Responsible guests may choose to appoint a designated decanter.