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What is the street address of the venue?

30 Hunter Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Where are the rooms located within the venue?

30 Knots – Level 1
Pool Room - Level 2

Is the room exclusive use for my event?


What are the capacities of the rooms?

30 Knots:
Cocktail style   90 guests

Pool Room:
Cocktail style   60 guests

30 Knots & Pool Room:
Cocktail style   150 guests

What is the latest time my event can run to?

Monday – Saturday: Midnight.

30 Knots - Times will vary depending on the day of the week but usually midnight or 1am.

Pool Room – 12am at the latest.

Are underage guests able to attend my event?

Yes, they must be accompanied by a parent/s or legal guardian and full details need to be provided to your event manager prior to the event. Under age guests will be given a wristband upon entry. 

Is there natural light in the room?

Yes, in all event spaces.

What time can I access the venue?

Access time is half an hour prior to your event start time. If you require access earlier additional security charges will apply.

Can we provide our own security guard?

No. A Merivale security guard will be allocated to your event

Is there an area for smokers?

Not inside the venue. Tank Stream Lane is located just outside the side entrance door, smokers may use this area.

Is there a bar on both floors?

Yes, there is a bar on both levels.

How much is it to play pool in the Pool Room?

We offer three options:
$3.50 per game
One table can be hired for $60.00 for unlimited use throughout the event
Both tables can be hired for $120.00 for unlimited use throughout the event

Is there air conditioning on both floors?

30 Knots is fully air conditioned
Pool Room does not have air conditioning however has large open windows and fans

Can I decorate the space?

Yes, however you are not able to stick anything to the walls. Any damage to the furniture or room will be taken out of your deposit bond.

I’m having a buck’s/hen’s party – can I organise adult entertainment?

Yes, or your event manager can.

What audio visual equipment is available at the venue?

For all AV equipment please speak to your event manager.

Can I play a slideshow or presentation?

Yes, you can connect your laptop to our plasma screens free of charge.

How many plasma screens do you have?

Level 1: 2
Level 2: 2

May I bring my own A/V equipment?

You are welcome to supply your own AV.

There is no charge for providing your own equipment however you may be charged additional room hire and/or additional host or security charges depending on the access time that you require.

Is there music?

Yes, the following options are available:
Venue in-house music
Connect your own iPod to our sound system
We can arrange a DJ for you at a cost. Please speak with your event manager.
Organise your own DJ (they need to bring in all of their own equipment and connect to our in our speaker system)

Can we provide our own food?

No. Birthday cakes and cupcakes accepted, or make use of our in-house pastry kitchen.

Is there a charge for bringing a cake?

Yes – a cakeage charge of $1.50 per person applies if you require staff to cut & serve the cake. If you serve the cake yourself then no charge applies. You will need to provide plates & cutlery.

Can we order patisserie options through you?
Yes, we have a decadent selection of cakes and cupcake options for you to choose from, which all come with free cakeage.

Is there a loading zone or temporary parking nearby?

There is 15 minute loading zone/parking on Hunter Street that can be used for drop off and pick up. However, Hamilton Street is no stopping.

Wilson's Parking, 123 Pitt St provides temporary parking.

What is the nearest train station to The Grand Hotel?

Wynyard Station 

Will we be allowed access to other Merivale venues post event? IE Pacha

Yes, subject to intoxication and capacity
Can you offer a discounted rate?

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