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What is the street address of the venue?

252 George Street, Sydney 

What is the main entrance for Establishment?

The main entrance to Establishment is via George Street 

What are the rooms located within the venue?

Ballroom – Level 2
Room I - Level 3
Room II - Level 3
Room III - Level 3

Is the room exclusive use for my event?

Yes (as long as you have booked a dedicated event space).

What is the latest time my event can run to?

Monday – Thursday : Midnight
Friday & Saturday: 01.00am

Are underage guests able to attend my event?

Yes, they must be accompanied by a parent/s or legal guardian and full details need to be provided to your event manager prior to the event. Under age guests will be given a wristband upon entry. Paperwork, provided by your event manager, will be need to be completed in the lead up to your event. 

Can we provide our own security guard or host?

No. A Merivale security guard or host will be allocated to your event (see proposal for more information). A security guard or host is also required for any client access prior to the event, entertainment and suppliers bump in/out.

Is there natural light in the room?

Yes in all event spaces.

What time can I access the venue?

Access times will be listed on your event proposal. Generally half an hour before and after your event is allocated – please advise your event manager if you wish to gain earlier access. This will be subject to other event bookings in the venue before and after your event. 

Is there an additional fee for early access?

Security guard or host fees will apply as listed in the proposal. There may also be room hire fees at certain times of the year.

What furniture is available in the room?

Cocktail: Cocktail rounds (tables) and high stools
Seated: Square tables of 8, chairs (they do not need covers), white linen, cutlery.

Can my guests gain entry to establishment bars after the event?

Yes, pending RSA, capacity or if the venue is not booked for a private or promoted event.  

Am I able to reserve an area in a bar?

Yes, please contact our Group Bookings Managers: 02 9254 8088 (Monday – Friday) or email [email protected]

Is there a smoking area?

Establishment Ballroom has a dedicated outdoor terrace where guests can smoke. For Rooms I, II & III the designated smoking area is George Street and Abercrombie Lane.

What is Banquet style set up?

Square tables, 1.5m x 1.5m which seat 8 guests per table.

What is Cabaret style set up?

Square tables, 1.5m x 1.5m which seats 6 guests per table (open ended tables).

Do you have round tables?

No, we only have square tables 1.5m x 1.5m. If you require round tables we can hire them in externally for your event at an additional cost. 

Are you able to supply trestle tables?

Yes, our trestle tables are 750mm x 1800mm and are supplied clothed. 

Can we have our logo on our signage?

Directional Signage: No, as this signage is placed within a public area of Establishment.
Menu Signage: Yes, if you email the logo to your event manager your logo will be placed within the menu.

Can I deliver items in advance of an event?

You are welcome to deliver items in advance of your event as long as the delivery date is confirmed prior with your Event Manager. We recommend that deliveries are made no more than 1 day in advance of your event and ask that everything you send is clearly labeled with our delivery template.

Can I leave items at Establishment post event?

Following your event you may leave items in our storage space overnight. All items need to be collected within 24 hours of your event as our storage space is limited. No responsibility is accepted for items left post event.

Do you have centre pieces?

Yes, we can supply square mirrors including tea light candles.

Do you have an in house florist?

Yes, if you provide your requirements i.e. budget, theme, colours we will be able to accommodate accordingly. Our in house florist will always supply what is currently in season. 

Do you have flip charts and whiteboards?

Flip charts include the chart, butcher paper and markers, subject to availability. $65 each
Whiteboards include the board, markers and eraser, subject to availability. $110.

Can I transfer the remaining of my minimum spend to a public space?

No (unless specified within your contract), the total of minimum spend is to be utilised within the event space that you have booked. 

What audio visual equipment is available at the venue?

We can provide an extensive range of AV, please contact your Event Manager to obtain a quote. 

May I bring my own A/V equipment?

Is there a charge for this?
Yes, if you need to use our data projector and screen which is hung from the ceiling the charge is $350.00. Also for any bump in / out times there is an event host charge. Please contact you Event Manager for further details.

What are the maximum capacities of the rooms?

Room I:
Cocktail:   50 guests
Boardroom:   25 guests
Theatre Style:   20 guests
Dimensions (m):  12 l x 3 w x 3.3 h

Room II:
Cocktail:   80 guests
Banquet:   64 guests
Cabaret:    48 guests
Theatre Style:   80 guests
Boardroom:    32 guests
Exhibition (m2):  113
Dimensions (m):  15 l x 7.5 w x 3.3 h

Room III:
Cocktail:   150 guests
Banquet:   72 guests
Banquet with dance floor: 56 guests
Cabaret:    54 guests
Theatre Style:   120 guests
Boardroom:    32 guests
Exhibition (m2):   143
Dimensions (m):  13 l x 11w x 3.3h 

Room II & III :
Cocktail:    230 guests
Banquet:    136 guests
Theatre Style:    160 guests

Cocktail:   400 guests
Banquet:   192 guests
Banquet with dance floor: 162 guests
Theatre Style:   300 guests
With catering:  250 guests
Cabaret:   144 guests
With catering:  108 guests
Boardroom:    70 guests
Exhibition (m2):   336
Dimensions (m):  28 l x 12 w x 3.3 h

Where is the loading dock?

Establishment – 1 Bridge Lane, Sydney
There is strictly no parking in the loading dock.
You may unload, but the vehicle must be moved to the closest parking station.

Where is the closest Parking?

Wilson Parking
259 George Street Sydney (Entry via Lang Street)
Phone 1800 PARKING (1800 727 5464)

Wilson Parking – Australia Square
264-278 George Street, Sydney
Phone 1800 PARKING (1800 727 5464)

Wynyard Lane 24 hour Car Park
Wynyard Lane, Sydney NSW 2000
(just off Margaret St, Sydney)
Phone: (02) 9290 2752

Accommodation - Establishment Hotel

Boutique style accommodation & 2 penthouse suites are available for hire.  A special rate is available for guests booking events with Merivale.
Breakfast is served each morning in the relaxing Gin Garden - A decadent continental, a la carte or room service breakfast is also available.
Please contact the hotel direct or if you have an event booked contact your Sales Account Manager or Event Manager for all accommodation bookings.

Can my guests gain entry to other areas after the event?

Post event, we endeavour to accommodate your guests within our venue, however due to prior bookings or events, we cannot guarantee which venues will be available.

If a person is deemed by Merivale staff to be approaching intoxication, the person or persons will be refused entry and asked to leave the premises.

A cover charge of may apply in some areas.

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