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Takeaway Made Tasty

Eating out is a pleasure; cooking at home can be joyful, or maybe just a necessity, but sometimes you want nothing more than to grab some takeaway and have a great, no-fuss meal.

Enter The Chicken Shop. Nestled between The Paddington, Fred’s, and Charlie Parker’s on Oxford St., Merivale’s first solely-dedicated takeaway shop offers Sydney’s finest rotisserie meats, as well as a selection of sides, salads and sandwiches, all ready for you to enjoy wherever you please. 

Helmed by The Paddington’s Executive Chef Ben Greeno, The Chicken Shop’s aim is to make your life as easy (and flavourful) as possible. “It’s so great to be able to grab your food and go home,” says Ben. “You don’t have to worry about the kids being terrors in a restaurant; you can go home with a good dinner that you didn’t have to slave over.”    

There’s the chicken, of course. Succulent, seasoned just so, and roasted to perfection on custom-built rotisseries. Grab a half or a whole and accompany with gravy, fries or roasted carrots with sunflower seeds.

Each weeknight, The Chicken Shop will also feature daily dinner specials including ocean trout, pork belly, and glazed ham. Each order serves two, and is perfect for an easy night in front of the telly. 

But it’s the lunchtime sandwich offering Ben is most excited about. “I’ve actually wanted to do a sandwich place for a while,” says the ex-Momofuku Seiobo chef. “We’re using bread from Brickfields which holds up really well – it doesn’t fall apart in your hands and is easy to eat.

Each day, from 12pm – 3pm, pick up a glazed leg ham, Comte, Dijon mustard and pickle sandwich. Or maybe you’d prefer a zucchini, goats cheese, red pepper and chickpea concoction, a hot chicken, jalapeno and pickled carrot roll or a crispy eggplant, kimchi and spiced mayonnaise delight. 

And the sandwich de résistance? Ben, an English lad, recommends the fish finger sambo, with smashed edamame and yuzu. “I love a fish finger sandwich. It’s the best thing for a hangover.” Noted.

The Chicken Shop, 382 Oxford St, opens for business Friday, Jan 27.