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Sunday Sundown’s Second Sesh

It’s back and bringing extra magic to dusk at the beach! With 16 free live gigs featuring 32 of Australia’s hottest artists, you’ll want to make sure you’re at Coogee Pavilion and The Newport for Sunday Sundown this summer. To get you in the mood for the good vibes to come, we sat down with four of our special guests. 


The Newport, December 4 

They ride around in a stretch limousine, have just launched a capsule clothing collection, and play modernised 80’s synth beats to sell-out crowds. Yep, Client Liaison are cooler than all of us. 

What does your music sound like? A long lunch followed by cocktails. What’s the best way to choose a band name? Through awkward encounters and overheard conversations. Any pinch-yourself career moments so far? Performing The Horses with Daryl Braithwaite, and working with Tina Arena on our debut album are both up there. How are you feeling about being involved in Sunday Sundown? We’re flattered, it’s a great lineup of artists. Plus sundown is our favourite time of day, so that bodes well. What album have you had on repeat this year? Harvey: Jagwa Ma’s new album, Every Now & Then. Monte: Earth Wind & Fire’s All ‘n All. What app can’t you live without? Harvey: I think I could live without all of them. I remember what life was like without mobile phones and it was just as pleasant, if not more pleasant, than now. Why do music and fashion go so well together? They both express mood so well and align themselves with people’s feelings. How do you get dressed in the morning?  Monte: I pick one thing I really want to wear and then work around it. Harvey: Same. Plus factor in what’s clean. What do you love about summer? The long afternoons that roll into night; long lunches that roll into dinner. And the stillness. Client Liaison hates wind. 


Coogee Rooftop, January 26 

A teenage fascination with club music led to Eugene Ward’s transformation into producer and DJ Dro Carey. With musical influencers including UK garage, house and grime, you’ll want to be front and center.

What’s the best way to choose an artist name? I don’t know if I have the best answer because I don’t think my name is that great! But I will say, from a commercial perspective, you want something that when you search it on Google doesn’t bring anything other than you up. Are you excited about Sunday Sundown? Yeah, the lineup looks really good! I’m a huge fan of Client Liaison, and the venues we’re playing at are awesome. I’m psyched. What album have you had on repeat this year? I’m really into Kanye’s album. And Young Thug’s, Jeffery. What app can’t you live without? Maps. I get lost a lot. How can you tell you’re onto a winning track when you’re producing it? Generally if it comes together quite quickly. If I can get a good draft going from one session compared to still only being at half way after three or four sessions, that’s usually a good indicator of how good it sounds. What do you love about summer? Swimming weather. I think that’s what everyone waits the whole year for. And hate? Dehydration. If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be? Berlin. With a set to play that night! 


The Newport, February 12 

She’s the gorgeous Papua New Guinean whose mix of modern soul and blues will make you feel all of the things. Ngaiire says her music sounds like who she is – we say she sounds like she’s amazing. 

What do you think about on stage that you probably shouldn’t be thinking about? Some people do nervous wees before performing; I need to nervous wee while performing. So usually I’m thinking, ‘Just don’t think about it, just don’t think about it!’ How do you feel about being involved in Sunday Sundown? I haven't been to The Northern Beaches – I hear it’s beautiful, so I’m looking forward to that. And my friends All Our Exes Live In Texas are playing that day too, which will be fun. What album have you had on repeat this year? I’ve not listened to anything else since Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Solange’s At The Table have come out. What would you be doing if you weren’t making music? I’d probably be a visual artist, a painter. And if I couldn’t do something creative, I’d do something unexpected like aeronautical engineering. What do you love about summer? This sounds bad, but summer makes me want to drink all the time and I love it! There’s always something going on and someone to hang out with; summer in Sydney feels like a big festival. And hate? Drinking all the time! It definitely becomes less forgiving with age. If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be? Uruguay, South America. It’s full of grit and inspiration.   


The Newport, February 26

They played funk when everyone was still into ‘90’s grunge, and performed worldwide for nine years. Now, 15 years after disbanding, Skunkhour, helmed by lead singer Aya Larkin, are back and ready to groove out once more.   

What does your music sound like? A beguiling blend of snaking grooves and layered melodies, rhythmic vocals and assorted passions. What’s the best way to choose a band name? Not our way! We started out as Skunk, but soon after we started playing we got a nasty letter from a band’s lawyer who had already registered that name. Our drummer was studying English Literature at the time and liked Robert Lowell’s poem Skunk Hour, so we decided to go with that. Later it had connotations of smoking weed, but that was not the case! Biggest pinch-yourself career moment? The whole thing has been surreal. We’re very lucky. Are you looking forward to playing Sunday Sundown? To line up with all these contemporary artists is a really cool feeling; we’re excited to be in the same groove as everybody. How do you know when it’s a good idea to get back together with someone? It’s a hard one! Perhaps when you can go weeks at a time without it bursting into flames again? What do you love about summer? The mystic aura that binds us all together. And hate? The lack of parking at the beach!  


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