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Recreate J&M style at home

Entertaining takes on all-new glamour when you wind back the clock a few decades. Right now, we're loving the cocktails, smooth sounds, tongue-in-cheek canapés and throwback glamour of the ’70s. Here’s how to capture the sophistication and charm of our intimate whisky bar, J&M, at home.

The cocktails

The Chivas showcase cocktail menu at J&M makes use of an array of ingredients not typically paired with whisky, such as salted caramel! Here are two of our newest cocktails that are sure to light up the senses. For an extra touch of glam, consider tracking down a drinks trolley from an auction or online. There's something luxurious about a cocktail being made from these vintage gems.


Rosetta Sour

45ml Chivas 18

10ml Mandarine Napoleon Grande Liqueur Imperiale

30ml lemon juice

15ml honey syrup

1 spoonful preserved orange

15ml egg white, whisked and strained

1 dash of bitter

fennel pollen, to garnish


Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Shake and fine strain into a coupette glass. Garnish with fennel pollen.



60ml buttered popcorn-washed Chivas 18 (to make one batch, you'll need 250ml chivas, 1 cup popcon, 25g butter)

20ml salted caramel syrup

2 dashes bitter

Salted caramel, to serve


To make the popcorn-washed Chivas 18, in a large bowl, take 1 cup of warm popcorn and stir in 25g of butter. Add 250ml of Chivas 18 and set aside for a few hours. Strain the mixture and then freeze for 3 hours. Remove the layer of butter from the top to use.

Add all cocktail ingredients to a mixing glass and stir.

Take a rocks glass or short tumbler and brush the rim with thick salted caramel. Add a large block of ice. Pour in the cocktail mixture.


The food

The bar menu at J&M is a nod to the canapés of yesteryear, toothpicks included. In between sips of whisky, hands will hover over the kitsch bites, such as smoked oysters, saltine crackers and cream cheese; Pollastrini spicy sardines on toast; and smoked Polish sausage with cubed Cabot’s aged cheddar. The ’70s-style menu is the work of our Group Executive Chef, Richard Purdue, who says of the tongue-in-cheek snack list: “The brief I got was to offer a premium-quality snack with a ’70s vibe. I looked back to what my parents served at their parties in the ’70s when I was a child. I simply made sure that we used the best possible ingredients," explains Richard. "These things are classics because when they’re done properly, they are fantastic combinations, such as the grilled Agen prunes wrapped in speck. These still resonate with patrons because they’re either young enough for these things to be new, or old enough for them to create some nostalgia."

The fashion

The look of the era can be whittled down to a few key rules: "Crepe evening dresses, Jersey evening dresses, soft sexy pant suits, long beads, big earrings, brooches and silk scarves," says Merivale Director Bettina Hemmes. If all else fails, simply look to the style icons Jerry Hall, Bianca Jagger, and the fabulous women of Studio 54. Stylist Sophie Thé shares her take: "The ’70s are in at the moment, so flares are back. Just be brave and give them a go. You'll also benefit from big hair, Charlie's Angels style, which you can achieve without effort after a day at the beach. What else? The fashion is to-the-floor length and the face should be quite tanned." Her final tip is to use scarves any which way – on your neck, over your head, or as a belt.

The sounds

Our ultimate playlist channels ’70s glamour and the kings and queens of soul. Think Dizzy Gillespie to Grace Jones, and Frank Sinatra to Australian songstress Renée Geyer.