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Perfect Catch

Seafood is almost synonymous with Christmas in Australia – goodness know we go through enough of the stuff! But with plenty on offer, how do we know we’re getting the catch of the day?

“Freshness is obviously key,” says The Paddington Executive Chef Ben Greeno. “Look for bright, clear eyes and metallic, shiny skin – anything dull is probably past its time.”

Gills should also be noticeably vibrant, says Ben, and if you’re opting for fillets of fish, ensure the flesh is also bright.

“If you can, get yourself to the fish market so if you’re not sure about something you can ask a proper fishmonger,” says Ben, who is planning on buying a whole fish to steam with ginger and shallot for Christmas lunch. “And prawns of course. The more the better.”

For a zesty side to accompany seafood, try The Paddington’s Tomato + Feta Salad


1 punnet heirloom tomato

2 roma tomatos

1 ox heart tomato

25ml good olive oil

110g feta cheese

½ red onion, thinly sliced

Pinch sumac


Sherry vinegar

Fresh mint


Cut the tomatoes into piece and place in a bowl, season with salt, a splash of sherry vinegar and olive oil

Sprinkle the onion with the sumac and a pinch of salt. Leave for 20 minutes to soften the onions

Combine tomatoes and onion in salad bowl, put chunks of feta on top, sprinkle with more salt, the remaining olive oil and a few ripped mint leaves

Serves 4

Can’t be bothered cooking? Head to The Paddington and let us do the heavy lifting!