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Meet the team

The time has come to meet the faces behind our new Oxford Street venue, The Paddington. They give us a bite-sized scoop on what you can look forward to – think summery cocktails, a class-act wine list, and slow-roasted fare. 

Ben Greeno (AKA chef extraordinaire)

This Brit chef’s credits include Michelin-starred Sat Bains, NOMA, and most recently Sydney’s Momofuku Seiobo. He heads the kitchen as Executive Chef and is serving up rotisserie-roasted fare.

What’s your food credo? I like to make food that’s a little interesting and challenging, but that tastes really good at the same time. What’s The Paddington got that others don’t? It’s going to be a unique venue to Sydney, I think. It’s not a pub, nor a restaurant – it’s an amazing-looking venue too that will have an incredible atmosphere. How did the rotisserie chicken concept come about? I had a meeting with Frank [Roberts] and Justin [Hemmes] and they were like, “What shall we do?” And I said, “Well, why don’t we get a rotisserie? Nobody really uses one here.” They were like, “Brilliant. Let’s do it.” This style of food is a lot more casual than the high-end dining you’re known for. Were you happy to switch gears? Yeah, definitely. The way that my life is now, with a two-and-a-half-year old, I’m trying to be a lot less stressed out.


Carissa Teeling (AKA the all-knowing GM)

In 2004, Carissa began her Merivale career at est. as a food runner. She progressed through various positions to become Restaurant Manager in 2012. She brings her wealth of hospitality savvy as the venue’s new General Manager.

What are you most excited for patrons to discover at The Paddington? I’m excited for them to experience the lot. It’s going to be such a fun venue. What makes for a truly memorable dining experience? Making people feel special. In your opinion, why is Oxford Street such a great locale? It’s a busy street in a beautiful suburb, with a wonderful history – who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Describe the new venue in three words. Fun, relaxed and versatile. What was your first ever job? A food runner for an events company. What’s your current tipple of choice? Plymouth Gin martini with a twist. Are you much of a cook? I’m the Salad Queen. Your favourite accompaniment to rotisserie chicken? Salad and crisp potatoes. What does your ideal Sunday look like? Sleeping in, then lunch that turns into dinner with friends.

Sam Egerton (AKA the cocktail maestro)

This Palmer & Co. alumni is a native New Zealander who’s now worked more than a decade in hospitality. To The Paddington, Sam brings his cocktail expertise and passion for Sydney’s drink culture. He is the venue’s Licensee and Bar Operations Manager.

What’s your nickname? Apparently, Serious Sam has begun to stick. What are you most excited for patrons to discover at The Paddington? Definitely the chicken, without a doubt. That and seeing what the team brings to the space. There are some extremely talented individuals with a hell of a lot of passion for the industry and the guests that come with it. It should be a lot of fun. Do you have a long history with Oxford Street? I’ve been living in Sydney for the last nine years having lived in Bondi, Darlinghurst and Woolloomooloo throughout that time. Oxford Street has always been at the epicentre of my social life; of lot of great memories throughout the years. I’m looking forward to creating many more at The Paddington. What does your ideal Sunday look like? A sleep in, a long black from the Toby’s Estate in Woolloomooloo, a run by the water, then a late lunch somewhere in the city (I may be biased, but Felix, Mr. Wong or Ms.G’s are all great options depending on my mood and night-before activities), then bar hopping around Crown and Oxford. The cocktail to look out for on the new menu is… the entire thought-process behind the cocktails in the bar upstairs. Why did we need to make 600 cocktails to end up with the final selection? Come on in and I’ll tell you. What’s your secret talent? Sarcasm, though I’m not sure if it’s much of a secret.


The Paddington is located at 384 Oxford St, Paddington.