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Chinese New Year at est.

At first glance, the caviar on top of the scampi tartare looks like blackberries; the serving of the dark delicacy is that generous in size. Then comes the gentle pour of golden chicken consommé, the luxurious seafood and fried leek now sitting in a shallow pool of glittering sauce.

The dish –one of eight featured on a special Chinese New Year tasting menu – has the refined elegance expected of two-hatted restaurant est., coupled with the exuberance befitting of China’s most important celebration of the year. 

“We don’t usually celebrate Chinese New Year at est.,” explains the restaurant’s Executive Chef Peter Doyle. “But it’s becoming such an anticipated event on the city’s calendar, and we were excited to experiment with different luxury ingredients and create something (hopefully!) unforgettable.”

Using seafood as a key core ingredient, Peter and his Sous Chef Jacob Davey created a menu rich in subtle extravagance, which sounds like an oxymoron until you spy the west Australian marron sitting atop pearl oyster and accompanied by yuzu jam, grilled cabbage and ink cracker coming out of the kitchen.

Then there’s the Murray cod fillet with shaved abalone, snow peas and black fungi, and the raw tuna with piel de sapo melon, blush turnip, and a spun seaweed disc so delicate and pretty you’ll hesitate to destroy the magic with your chopsticks. 

“We wanted to make this menu as interesting as possible without steering too far away from our own style of cooking,” says Peter. “Luckily, contemporary Australian cuisine is already quite heavily influenced by Asia so it’s not too left of field, but you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by some combinations.”

The frozen sheep’s yoghurt mousse with blueberries, strawberry juice, fennel and dill for example?

“Doesn’t sound like it should work, does it?” smiles Peter. “It does.”

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

est.’s Chinese New Year tasting menu is available each night 27 January – 4 February. Be sure to inquire about our exclusive Chivas Regal Whisky bottle service. Order a bottle for the table from your waiter and receive exceptional service, the smoothest tipple and a small token of our appreciation