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Bring a Plate

If you’re lucky enough to have a hungry horde to feed this Christmas, Ms.G’s Masala Fried Rice is the perfect recipe to keep them both satisfied and scrambling for more! 

Ms.G's Masala Fried Rice

Rice base (10 portions)


500g jasmine rice

½ tbsp Kee’s Hainanese chicken paste

1 tsp crushed garlic

1 tsp crushed ginger

3 tsp garam masala powder

3 tsp saffron

600 ml water to cook rice 


1. Dissolve the saffron in 50ml hot water
2. Mix the rice with all ingredients except the saffron
3. Add the saffron with its soaking liquids, mix well until all the ingredients are thoroughly distributed through rice
4. Add cooking water, mix again to ensure there are no lumps of rice
5. Steam for 1 hour (Steaming container to be covered with lid/aluminum foil)
6. When cooked, fluff the rice with a fork and allow to cool down

Rice topping


50g chicken skin (you can use skin from chicken thighs below)

250g crushed garlic

150g long red chilli

5 tbsp mild curry powder

Vegetable oil for frying


1. Steam or boil chicken skin for 10 minutes, place on paper towel and allow to dry for 10 minutes
2. Deep fry chicken skin in deep frypan until golden brown and crispy
3. Roughly blend the garlic into mix and continue deep frying until golden brown and crispy
4. Finely slice the chillies, and in fresh oil, deep fry until moisture has evaporated and chillies are crispy (around 3 – 4 minutes)
5. Using a blender, blend the fried chicken skin to break it down
6. Mix chicken skin “crumbs” with garlic and chillies 

Add-ons for the rice

For every two portions of rice base, you will need:

100g steamed or boiled chicken thighs, cut into dices

1 handful of raw and chopped okra and green beans

1 tsp finely chopped coriander stems

1 tsp finely sliced green shallots

1 egg

1 tbsp curry leaves

Vegetable oil 


1. Warm oil in a wok, add the egg and stir rapidly until scrambled
2. Add curry leaves, rice base, chicken, okra and green beans, stir and toss rapidly
3. Season with salt and a touch of sugar

Once on the serving plate, sprinkle chicken skin topping mixture on top of rice.

With a little prep, this recipe is fairly simple. But if you're still not convinced, pop into Ms.G's and we'll whip it up for you quick smart!