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Expert hangover cures that really work!

Had a few too many vinos last night and now you're paying for it? We hear you! Our Merivale staff are masters of backing up after a big night. They’re veritable Hangover Houdinis in fact. We asked them to share some of their best-ever secrets for making a hangover disappear. Some of their answers may surprise you!


Scottish solution

“The morning after I need a combination of bacon, fried haggis, black pudding, fried potato and grilled tomato washed down with a can of Irn-Bru and some Netflix if possible. That’s my fool proof plan.” - Paul Donnelly, Head Chef at Ms.G’s 


Sex, salt water and sushi

“My best ever hangover cure would be Nashville style chicken and going out for a swim in the ocean. For some reason saltwater always cures whatever ails you and there’s nothing better than something spicy and deep fried! We do a hot chicken sambo with cayenne pepper at Papi Chulo which hits the spot. Actually, most of the menu would be pretty helpful. My go-to hangover cure used to always be a platter of takeout sushi and sex. That still works too!” – Patrick Friesen Executive Chef at Papi Chulo


Big spicy mac

“I can’t go past the mac ‘n’ cheese with sriracha hot sauce at Palmer & Co. You’ll have to request it from the chef but it's worth it!” Sam Egerton, Venue Manager at Palmer & Co


French fix

“I always have a Hairy Lemon, Diet Coke and a ham and cheese croissant from Lorraine’s Patisserie to kick start the day.” Kathy Savill, Director of Sales & Events


Cuban cure

“Karaage Ramen and a pot of green tea is my instant cure". – Ryan Bresler Operations Manager at Palmer & Co


Coconuts and caffeine

“Coconut water mixed with an orange Berocca is my secret. It seems to help re-hydrate faster than guzzling water and stops a headache in its tracks. Finally, when you’re ready for coffee, I recommend a double latte. The buzz effect actually lasts longer instead of just a quick rush that espresso is known for.”

-Ben McFarlane, Bar Manager at Papi Chulo  


Like a tiger

 “Hydrolyte before bed is a must! Then I refuel with tiger toast in the morning. Also known as vegemite with strips of cheese melted. Yum!” -  Romy Eggleston, Sales Coordinator