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History - 2007

Ivy (Dec 2007)

ivy has created an entirely new hospitality genre and won the hearts of both locals and visitors with its unique combination of dining, entertainment, retail and relaxation. A dazzling constellation of restaurants, bars, retail stores and event spaces, ivy is Sydney’s very own wonderland. Planted throughout with lush greenery (with its own full- time gardener), ivy is a glamorous urban oasis with endless experiences to be found inside. It’s a night out, a temple of fun, a lazy afternoon by the pool, a glass of wine with friends, a meeting extraordinary escape.

ivy’s 18 indoor and outdoor bars are a journey through a myriad of moods, from The Den’s intimate opulence to the open-air playfulness of The Lawn and the Royal George’s English alehouse vibe.

Throughout, menus feature beverage creations mixed with premium ingredients. The final piece in this party jigsaw is Changeroom, accessed directly from the pool deck. Here, sumptuous boudoir-style changing rooms merge with a dance floor and bars so the party can move effortlessly inside after sundown for another journey into ivy’s extraordinary, magical world.

From the very beginning, fine food has occupied centre stage in ivy’s world, with critics and fans alike hailing the menus at flamboyant, NY-style grill Mad Cow and Sailors Thai. Food and drink lovers are dazzled by dining choices of Uccello, a 180-seat restaurant overlooking Pool Club offering regional Italian fare; Mad Cow is the flamboyant New York-style grill with the finest steaks for carnivores and vegetarians alike; Sushi Choo adds a whimsical take on the traditional sushi train with fresh, flavoursome bites on a white marble bar; Ash St. Cellar, a charming European enclave with a 300-plus world-class wine list designed perfectly to match small sharing plates; Sailors Thai ivy, where authentic Thai cuisine can be savoured in a luxurious space with dark timber furnishings on level 2.